A4Tech Q81 Bloody Metal Feet Neon-X Glide Gaming Mouse


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  • Neon X’Glide Gaming Mouse,
  • Avago Q81 Gaming Engine.
  • Braided Cable.
  • Sensitive And Tanglefree Cable Provides Durability.
  • 3 Neon Lighting Effects.
  • One Click To Switch Between 3 Kinds Of Lighting Effects (Neon/ Breathing/ Solid).


  • BRAND:                     Bloody
  • Usage:                       Gaming
  • Sensor:                      AVAGO A3050 Gaming Engine
  • Resolution:              500/1000/1200/1600/2000/3200 CPI
  • Image Processing:  2.41M Pixels/sec
  • Frame Speed:           6,666 fps
  • Acceleration:            20g
  • Tracking Speed:       60 ips


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