Joyroom TL6 True Wireless Earbuds with LED Display


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HD voice Use advanced microphone design, it will let you have a real-time HD Voice Like a face-to-face call.

LED digital display.LED digital display, the battery level of the charging case is clear at a glance, When there is no electricity, you can charge it at any time, it will automatically power off after fully charged, no worry about overcharging will cause an explosion.

Pairing the earphones :

1-The white light on the left and right earphones flash 3 times once taking them out of the charging case; the earphones turn on automatically.
2-Two Earbuds will pair with each other automatically when the earphones power on, and then the white light of the main earphone flashes after connecting successfully while the other one will not flash.
( Note: when the earphones are not in the charging case or the charging case with a low battery, and the earphone is power off, you need to turn on it by the press and hold the earphone touch area for about 3 seconds. The two ears will connect with each other automatically, and one of the headphones will flash white light .)
3-Turn on Bluetooth of mobile phone and search for Bluetooth device " JR-TL6".
4-Connect it and enjoy yourself to music or make calls after a successful connection.
5 At this point, you can start listening to music and calling.
Note: it is necessary to connect the earphone manually for first use, and the connected earphone will automatically connect back to the last connected device next time.
( The Apple connect method is the same as the Android phone )

Common operating instruction:

1-Turn on:
(1)The earphone will power on automatically by taking out of the charging case.
(2)Long press the multi-function button of the left/right earphone for 3 seconds to power it on.
2-Turn off:
(1)Power off it by putting earphones back in the charging case.
(2)Manual shut down: long press the touch area of left/right earphone simultaneously for 5 seconds to turn it off.
(3)Auto power off if without connection in 5 minutes.
3-Answer/hang-up: press touch area once on the left/right earphone.
4-Last song/next song: triple-click the touch area of the left/right earphone.
5-Reject: Long press touch area for 2.5 seconds.
6-Play/Pause: press touch area once on the left/right earphone.
7-Volume: double-click the touch area of the left/right earphone.


Q1- How to turn off the earphone?
1-Put the earphone into the charging case, the earphone will automatically power off and charge by itself after you close the upper cover of the charging case.
And will automatically cut off when the battery is fully charged.
2-The earphone will power off automatically by long-press the touch area of the left /right ear for 5 seconds.
3-The earphone will power off automatically without connecting the device for 5 minutes.

Q2- No voice with one ear?
1-Turn on the earphone by long-press it for 3 seconds ;
2-Put the low battery earphone back into the charging case to charging about 1 .5h, and the battery can be activated at full charge.
3-Make sure the earphone never dropped and at full charge.

Q3- Failure to search for Bluetooth Name?
Please make sure the earphone has not been connected to the Bluetooth device previously connected.If so, please turn off the Bluetooth of the previous connect device or try to connect Bluetooth in an open place without Bluetooth devices.

Q4- How to switch to unilateral use mode from the binaural mode?
1-Put the left ear into the charging box for charging, the right ear will automatically serve as the main ear and it will continue to play the same music.
2-It will not affect the left ear if you put the right ear back into the charging case ;
3-Take out the left ear or right ear alone, it will automatically connect back to the phone.

battery capacity: 40mAh
The battery capacity of the charging case: 300mAh
Playtime: 3.5 hours
Talk time: 3.5 hours
Charging time of earphone: about 1.5 hours
Charging time of charging case: about 1.5 hours
Standby time: about 120H (connected state)
Charging interface: Type C


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