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Joyroom JR-TL8 Bluetooth 5.0 True Wireless Earphone


comfortable wear and Waterproof
It can be used freely in any scene, whether it is raining or running. Not afraid of sweat and rainy days. You can enjoy your music while exercising. Using a fully-fitting design does not press your ears, will not make your ears tired all-day. Let you feel clear and comfortable.

BT 5.0
New upgrade Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds. It can efficient transmission and not dropped. Convenience to take out and use and easy to operate. No need for cumbersome operations.

HD call
Use CVC intelligent noise reduction technology, filtering noise. Let you have high HD calls is like face to face in noisy environment weather in the party, workplace, office and etc.

Automatic matching
After the first pairing,connect automatically next time, bid farewell to tedious manual power-on pairing, and can be sensed within 10 meters. Both earphones are the main earphones and can be switched at any time. You don’t need to connect again when switching left and right earphones.

Battery life
The earphone can be used for 3.5 hours with the first full charge, and earphones with the charging box can be used for a total of 14 hours.
Standby time is 30hours. Enough for you to use for several days or even enough for you to use on a short trip.

Paring operation:
1-open the charging case, the earphones will automatically turn on and paired with each earphone once take it from the charging case.
Then the orange light and white light of the left earphone will start flashing alternately while the right earphone does not flicker if the pairing between the earphones is succeeded.
2-Turn on Bluetooth and search for Bluetooth device “JR-TL8”.
3-Click the connection button.
you can use the earphone to listen to music and make calls after connected.
Connecting the earphones manually for the first time and next time it will connect to the last connected device automatically.

Pairing operation:
1-Turn on:
The earphone will turn on automatically after taking it from the charging case.
Long press the multi-function button of the left/right earphone for 3 seconds to turn it on.
2-Turn off:
(1)Turn off earphones by putting the earphones back in the charging case.
(2)Manual shutdown: Long press the touch area of the left/right earphone simultaneously for 5 seconds to turn it off.
(3)Auto power off if without connection in 10 minutes.
3-Answer/Hang-up: double click the touch area of left/right earphone
4-Reject: Long press the touch area for 1 second.
5-Play/pause: double-click the touch area of the left/right earphone.
6-Last song/next song: long-press the left/right ear for 1 second.

Q1- How to turn off the earphone?
(1)Put the earphone into the charging case, the earphone will automatically turn off and charge by itself after you close the supper cover of the charging case while you connect the data cable. and it will automatically cut off when the battery is fully charged.
(2)The earphone will turn off automatically by long-press the touch area of the left/right ear for 10 seconds.
(3)The earphone will turn off automatically without a connect the device for 5 minutes.

Q2- Why the earphone without sound?
Please try to:
(1)Restart the earphone by long-press the earphone for 3 seconds.
(2)Put the low battery earphone back into the charging case to charging about 1.5 hours, and the battery can be activated at full charge.
(3)Make sure the earphone never dropped before and at full charge.

Q3- Cannot search for the name of Bluetooth?
Please confirm that the earphone is not connected with the previously connected device. If so, please turn off all the Bluetooth that connected previously.

Q4- How to switch to a unilateral earphone in the binaural mode?
(1)When the left/right earphone is put into the charging case for charging during the use of both ears, the right/left earphone will switch to the main ear and continue to maintain the music state after switching, would not affect the normal operation.
(2)Take out the left/ right earphone separately, and you can connect the phone back normally.

If your earphones cannot be paired with your phone, try the following steps:
1-please make sure the earphone is fully charged.
2-please make sure the earphones are turned on.
3-Make sure earphones are not connected to other devices.
4-Please make sure your phone’s Bluetooth function is normal and Bluetooth is turned on.
5-Make sure they are within the connection range.

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