Joyroom JR-T12 LED Display True Wireless Earbuds


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Joyroom JR-T12 LED Display True Wireless Earbuds

Special/small design
Semi-ear earphone with waterdrop design, comfortable to wear.
Easy to carry, can enjoy music anytime, anywhere.

BT 5.0 and waterproof
BT 5.0 HD lossless transmission, enjoy the game with low delay (BT 5.0)
IPX45 waterproof can effectively prevent rain, fog, and sweat erosion, etc.

Automatically match
Power on immediately after taken out of the charging case.
The first time to connect will enter automatic pairing and Will automatically connect afterward next time.

【Display state
Master-slave switching technology, the left, and right are the main ears, very fast switching (master-slave switching).
Connected state: the white light on the headset will flash three times.
Power on: white light on for one second.
Pairing status: red and white lights flashing

LED display
LED light design and double LED display for battery, the power display is easy to know. Can be charged anytime and anywhere according to the power display.

Excellent comfort
Using 6mm speaker, 3D bass effect, HIFI sound effect (HIFI sound effect).
Designed according to the contours of human ears, it is tightly integrated with the ears, causing no sense of its existence

Earphone battery capacity: 40mAh
Charging bin capacity: 450mAh
Playtime: 4 hours
Talk time: 3.5 hours
Charging time: about 1.5 hours
Standby time: about 120H
The charging time of earbuds by charging bin: 3-4 times
Charging case size: 65*44.8*29.5
Product material: ABS+PC
Net weight: 45g

Pairing operation
1-Open cover of charging case and wait for 2 seconds to turn on.
After turning on, the left and right pair will have a white light on for 2 seconds.
2-After earphones are turned on, left and right earphones will be automatically paired.
During the paring period, the earphone will have no flashing light for about 3 seconds.
After successfully paired, the primary pair will flash red and white lights.
3-Open Bluetooth of mobile phone and search for "JR-T12" and connect.
4-After a successful connection, you can start to listen to music and talk through earphones.
5-If for single pair use, just take out one of the pairs and use it after connected.

Primary-secondary switching mode:
1-During binaural use, put the left earphone into the charging case, the right earphone will be the main earphone but doesn't influence music play.
2-During binaural use, put the right earphone into the charging case while the left earphone can still work.
3-Take out the left or right earphone alone, it will still connect to your mobile phone again.

If your earphones cannot be paired with your phone, try the following steps:
1-please make sure the earphone is fully charged.
2-please make sure the earphones are turned on.
3-Make sure earphones are not connected to other devices.
4-Please make sure your phone's Bluetooth function is normal and Bluetooth is turned on.
5-Make sure the distance between earphones and phone is within the connectable range.
6-Please try to restart the earphone.
(put the earphone back to the charging case, turn it off; then open the charging case cover and wait for the earphone to automatically pair successfully, take it outfrom the charging case, re-open the Bluetooth to reconnect)

Operation instruction:
1-Switch to unilateral use in bilateral mode
Put the left/right earphone directly into the charging case, and the earphone automatically realizes the left and right switching.
it can be directly put back into the charging case without other operations.
2-Charging operation
The earphone is put into the charging case, the earphone automatically shuts down and charges itself, when the earphone is fully charged, it will automatically stop charging.
3-Left and right earphone switching.
(1)Putting the left earphone into the charging case during the use of the earphone will automatically switch the right earphone to the main earphone and continue to maintain the music state before switching.
(2)putting the right earphone into the charging case during the use of the left earphone does not affect the normal operation of the left earphone.
(3)Take out the left or right earphone separately and you will automatically connect back to the phone.



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